International Unicorn Day

Make your day sparkle !

Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it!

National Unicorn Day is observed annually on April 9th.

The unicorn

The unicorn, a mystical creature as intriguing as the centaurs, looks like a horse but has a twisted horn on its forehead and split hooves. According to legend, its horn would have the power to fight potential poisons and would have the power to make the difference between good people and those who are malicious.

The origins

This is a source of controversy. The existence of representations of single-horn animals that first appeared in the Indus civilization on the eastern side. On the western side, the unicorn is said to have appeared among the Greeks. Indeed, the unicorn was born from the imagination of the Greek writer Ctésias, 400 years before Christ. According to him, an animal with medicinal properties would really exist on earth, and that is how this legend inspired many painters such as Vinci, Dali, and many others. In the Middle Ages, some people believed so much in this legend that they went on a unicorn hunt. Their main purpose was to be able to steal the horn of this fabulous animal.

We believe in unicorns! Do you?