GemarPartner: Viborg Ballon A/S

We are thrilled to announce that we will now be working to supply Viborg Balloon A/S with our top-quality balloons.

Like Gemar, Viborg are a family business, currently in the hands of the third generation of the Pind family. Both companies (…)

GemarAmbassador: Lia Leottau

A Panamanian Ambassador that Gemar is proud of

Lia has achieved a remarkable amount in a short space of time. She created her first balloon sculpture only (…)

GemarAmbassador: Yulys Charles

A Chilean Ambassador that Gemar is proud of

Her passion for balloons began in Venezuela after her own children were born. She suddenly had an outlet to explore her creative side (…)

Gemar Ambassador: Omar Bucio

An American Ambassador that Gemar is proud of

Omar Bucio is the husband of Luz Paz who is one of our established and longstanding ambassadors. Understanding the power of collaboration, Omar (…)

GemarAmbassador: Veronika Golubeva

An Ukrainian Ambassador that Gemar is proud of

Our ambassadors take great joy in sharing their love of balloons with the world and so we would like to take this opportunity to introduce our new Ukrainian (…)

GemarAmbassador: Irina Lobanova

Russian Leader in Balloon Art becomes Gemar Ambassador

For nearly 10 years Irina Lobanova has been amazing the balloon art industry and putting Russia on the map.

GemarAmbassador: Irina Gvozdenko

Russia’s New Ambassador for Gemar is International Balloon Art Competitor

Irina Gvozdenko was Introduced to the world of balloons in 2012 and she has been flying high ever since.

Setting the Trend at the Toy Fair

Gemar is excited to be sharing 2019 innovations at the Toy Fair in Nuremberg, taking place from January 30th January to February 3rd, 2019.

GemarAmbassador: Luz Paz

An American Ambassador that Gemar is proud of

Balloons ignite something deep inside us, a childhood excitement, joy and belief that anything is possible. We want to share that with the world in everything that (…)

GemarAmbassador: Gergő Lufis Világa

A Hungarian Ambassador that Gemar is proud of

Gemar would not be what it is today without the commitment of our ambassadors. These talented and passionate balloon artists are completely independent but (…)