Latte #084

A colour worth waking up for

Are you a fan of the Natural Range? Those subtle shades and delicate tones have certainly captured a lot of hearts and if yours is one of them then we have some exciting news!

A brand new colour joined the family in January 2022!

Every colour in the natural range is inspired by a moment, and Latte captures the calm of early morning. The household is asleep and you sit, wrapped in a cosy jumper, holding a warm mug and watching the light creep into the world. A moment to pause before the hustle of the day begins, the calm before the storm. Latte is worth waking up for!

Latte #084 will be launching as a round balloon in sizes ranging from a tiny 5 inch to an impressive 31 inch globe.

We hope you love Latte as much as we do, you can place your order wherever you usually buy Gemar balloons.

Don’t forget to tag us on social media, we can’t wait to see all your beautiful creations!




Latte #084 ☕️

A colour worth waking up for 🥛

This is your moment. Fingers wrapped around your coffee, you watch as dawn’s light slowly seeps into the world. Breathe in the calm, before the hustle of life begins.