Love Story Jam

Love is…

What is love?

Gemar Ambassador Irina Gvozdenko set out to explore just that when she took on the role of art director for Love Story Jam 2021, organised by “Prazdnik Master” Nikolai Frantsuz.

Over 40 balloon artists travelled to Krasnodar from all over Russia to take part in this spectacular project. Working solidly for three nights, they used over 80 000 balloons to create a work of art like no other.

This beautiful sculpture filled the three story tall space, soaring above shoppers as they passed by beneath. With teddies, hearts and flowers it certainly had many of the trappings of romance, but that is not all.

Love is not just things, gifts given on a twilight evening walk. Love is a feeling. It is the energy poured into creating a masterpiece like this, and the joy that fills the hearts of those who see it.

As passers by smiled and took selfies, stared in wonder or gazed down from the balconies above, you could see that spark. A moment in an ordinary day, a day filled with work and errands, had been lifted above the mundane and filled with joy and love.

That is what we do, we lift moments and we do it with love.

Congratulations Irina, and all the team, on a truly beautiful installation.