Luz Paz in Spain

with America Herrera at the Wow Pop store

Are you ready for the great event in Spain? Do not plan anything for July 1 and 2. Gemar Ambassador Luz Paz will give a two days master class and share with you her professional secrets! The event will be organized by Balloons by Luz Paz together with the Wow Pops team.

So, let’s take a look at a program. Seems it will be very rich.

The first day of our seminar will begin with Balloon’s ABC, such as how to inflate, size and assemble balloons. You will learn how to tie balloons properly, make basic arch design and columns. The second part of our class will be dedicated to Deluxe Balloons Bouquets. You will learn how to create a deluxe Balloon Pedestal, a Bubble Bouquet with a 19 inch crystal balloon, and a technical bouquet with the square pack technique.

The second day will be more about scenography set up. Themes include: full party scene with panels and backdrops, organic balloon garlands, square pack wall techniques. We will have a main table set up, a play area and 3 set-up areas to decorate with balloons and backdrops.

If you are interested only in a few topics you can choose which lesson you want to attend: >> tickets are here. <<