March “Air Meeting” with Irina Lobanova

School is cool

Another one Air meeting of Irina Lobanova happened in Moscow on 27th of March. The event was organized by VZakadem again. It’s just the second event in such a format in Moscow but it was as successful as the others.

This training format requires being in a beautiful environment to photograph. Therefore, a spacious loft with a large white cyclorama was rented.

The theme of this Air meeting was kindergarten & elementary school’s graduations. 20 students under the guidance of Irina learned how to make photo zones for this celebration because it’s one of the most popular events in spring and summer.

More than a thousand Gemar balloons of different colors and sizes were used. Participants especially liked working with Shiny balloons because the photo zone with them turned out to be more adult and brighter.

Another one topic was helium. Students were taught how to work correctly with Gemar balloons and helium. Students learned how to inflate balloons and make them fly longer. Irina also showed how to work with large 40-inch balloons. Everyone was very pleased, because Gemar balloons are always an inspiration.

We can’t wait to see the photos from the next Air meeting !

>> Pictures of the event <<