New Gemar Talent in Czech Republic

Welcome to the Gemar family!

We’re thrilled to announce Tomas Okurek as a new GEMAR TALENT! His visit with Smart Balloon to Gemar was a great opportunity to welcome him to the team.

Hailing from the vibrant city of Brno, Czech Republic, Tomas is a full-time balloon artist.  As a child, construction kits were his favorite, but there were always pieces missing. Feeling unfulfilled in his office job, Tomas saw a spark in balloons – they were like those childhood kits, full of endless possibilities!

“Soon, I realized balloons are very similar to my childhood toy construction kits, and I was suddenly flooded with creative thoughts,” Tomas said. “I could not think of anything else but what magic I can do with balloons and how I can make them my everyday life. Balloons are my life, and they truly make me happy. What more, I bring my family, friends and people around me fun and joy and amazement.”

Tomas also shared the reason why he wanted to work with Gemar balloons: “Gemar is a great listener who truly cares about what balloon artists like me wish and need for our work. Many balloon manufacturers only focus on what benefits them, but Gemar prioritizes what’s best for the artists.”

He continued “Talking about the visit to Gemar, it felt like being Willy Wonka in his factory! But instead of chocolate, it was the balloons, the process of making them, and the kind people of Gemar that made one of my dreams come true. All I could think about was grabbing the balloons and getting started twisting!”

We’re very happy to have Tomas Okurek in our Gemar Family. Thank you, Tomas for the visit and we can’t wait to lifting the moment with you in this journey. Stay tuned!