Gemar masks

Gemar fan Betsy Vega has used Gemar balloons in a truly creative and unexpected way, helping the fight against Covid-19 in the process.

Betsy is a balloon artist who loves using our products in her beautiful displays, but she felt drawn to do something practical to help in these difficult times. So she put down her balloons, picked up a needle and thread and started making masks for children in need.

The only problem was that Betsy didn’t have any elastic to make ear loops, and as it was in high demand delivery was going to take a month. This was far longer than she wanted to wait, the children needed those masks as soon as possible after all. So, Betsy came up with an inventive solution that surprised everyone. She replaced the elastic with her beloved Gemar 160 modelling balloons!

When Gloria saw a video that Betsy had posted online, she couldn’t resist getting in touch and offering to support the project. In the end they delivered around 700 masks to DHS Child Welfare works and children in foster care, an amazing achievement!