Gemar Ambassador: Alexander Solomatin

Welcome to the Gemar family!

Imagine entering a world where fantasy comes to life and the colors of Gemar balloons dance in the air…

Gemar 2024 Calendar “Lighting The Moment”

"Lighting the moment": when the balloon becomes an art form

Artistic collaboration between master Marco Lodola and Gemar for the creation of the new Gemar 2024 calendar

The Big Balloon Build – The Joy of Balloons

Next stop of Balloon Big Build heading to Colorado

We are thrilled to announce that Gemar Balloons has become an official partner of The Big Balloon Build®  (…).

Gemar Ambassador: Fabrice Baudry

Straight from France

Many years ago as a young child in France, a sweet-seller took (…)

Gemar Ambassador: Alisson Vasconcelos

Straight from Brazil

Was born in 1980 in Brazil. In 1993, at the age of 13, he made his first (…)

Balloon Museum in Paris

Balloons and Modern Art meet again

You are invited to make history and fly with us at the Balloon Museum. An incredible experience, the world’s first balloon museum  has been enjoyed by thousands of visitors in Rome. Now it’s opening in (…).

Spring Fair, full of excitement

Better Together with Gemar in the UK

When we packed our bags and headed to the UK for Spring Fair we were certainly full of excitement, and perhaps we were also a little nervous. After all, (…)

Balloon Museum in Roma

The Place Where Balloons Meet Modern Art

We are no strangers to the idea of balloons as art here at Gemar. We love to champion balloon artists of all sorts and get involved with everything from teaching balloon art skills to sponsoring huge installations. Usually these involve balloon (…).

Gemar at Spring Fair 2022

Coming Together to Celebrate Nature

Nobody knows more about parties than the wonderful team at Elari, and we are thrilled to welcome them as they decorate our stand this year. There is absolutely no doubt that it will be stunning! Come along to join Gloria, Genesio, (…).

Luz Paz’s balloon arch for Britto

From one artist to another

When Gemar Ambassador & renowned balloon artist, Luz Paz, was asked to create a balloon arch to celebrate Romero Britto’s birthday, she was thrilled. Here she is, to tell us more about it. 📰 PartyWorldwide article here.


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