Breathe new life into Valentine’s Day

Balloons may just be the new flowers!

No matter what else might be going on in the world, people will always fall in love. It’s one of the few things that we can be truly certain of! And (…)

2021 Calendar

Colours of life

Each year, as we put together the Gemar Calendar, we look forward to the year ahead. We picture beach trips in July, spring flowers in March, and pumpkins (…)

Spreading Joy at Christmas with Gemar balloons

Bring beauty to your celebrations by mixing and matching Gemar balloons

Christmas has always been about family and this year that will be more important than ever! Celebrations might be a little more intimate than they were in the past, (…)

Balloons by Luz Paz – Express

Balloons you can ‘Click and Collect’

Gemar Ambassador Luz Paz has always spread joy through her store, Balloons by Luz Paz, but this year she has expanded her business to reach even more people. (…)

GemarAmbassador: Denis & Ran

Gemar’s newest ambassadors prove that friendship, and a love of balloons, can overcome any obstacle.

Our new ambassadors, Ran Nitka and Denis Gretzbein from Israel, have a remarkable story to tell. Denis and Ran make a great team. They met when (…)

Let’s Colour The Sky! Long Live Summer

Lighting Up Summer

On July 27th Gemar were thrilled to sponsor “Let’s Colour The Sky! Long Live Summer”, a party for the people of Settimo Milanese, Milan. The past few months have been difficult for (…).

One Million Bubbles of Hope – 2nd Edition

Helping to Share One Million Bubbles of Hope with the World

Nothing brings a smile to someone’s face like the sight of a balloon and this project aimed to spread that joy around the world in a time when (…).

Gemar Lives

Lifting the Moment from your Livingroom

Things change, and of course our in person events have been postponed, but we weren’t going to be defeated quite that easily. Even if we can’t travel (…).

Gemar Weekend Lives

Havin a Party at the first Gemar® Weekend

It’s safe to say that 2020 hasn’t turned out quite the way that anyone had planned, and that includes us. Back in January we were (…)

Gemar Flash Mob Challenge

Are you up to the Challenge?

In March we launched the first ever virtual balloon flash mob, handing our social media platforms over to our Gemar® Masters and Ambassadors. (…)