Pantone 2022

How a Colour can Capture a Moment

In an annual tradition that has held true for 23 years, Pantone has announced the “colour of the year” for 2022. It’s a shade of solid, reliable blue with optimistic red undertones that they have named “Very Peri”. Not only that, for the first time ever this is actually a brand new colour. It has been created especially for 2022 to mark the transition to a new post-pandemic world.


So, how can a colour capture a moment (or even a year) in time? Will we all be wearing Very Peri by March?

It turns out that we just might! One way the Pantone researchers get inspiration for the colour of the year is by looking at what Hollywood has in store for us. They look to see what colours we will be seeing on the big screen. When we all want a scarf just like our hero wore, what shade will we be looking for? They also search for shades and tones in art exhibitions and runway shows, especially focusing on newer artists. When a colour is gaining popularity in all of these places it won’t be long before the zeitgeist makes itself known and we start to see it on the highstreet.

The colour of the year is more than just a popular shade though, it also captures a mood. So much so that 2021 actually had two colours, Ultimate Grey captured the storm clouds of a global pandemic while Illuminating was the glimpse of sunshine we needed to see.

Very Peri represents a moment of transition. Blue shades are always popular, and they represent something stable, a little cold perhaps but reliable to a fault. This new member of the family is different. Violet-red undertones make Very Peri a little less predictable, and a little more volatile. This is a colour that encourages imagination and creativity as we create and recreate our new lives, infused with hope and positivity.

What better way to represent this quirky shade than by double-stuffing Gemar Balloons? The technique lets you play with colour, create something new and use your imagination. It gives you a colour with hidden depths, and endless possibilities. Enjoy Perfect Periwinkle, Gemar’s own Veri Peri.


Double Suff video

Perfect Periwinkle – Very Peri video