Party Industry Event 2022

Gemar celebrating Nabas 35th Anniversary

From 15th to 17th of October Gemar was present at the Party Industry Event that was held in Birmingham, where its talented Gemar ambassadors Tampilipe and Gergö held during the event two practice lessons.

The classes were held simultaneously in an interactive way, Tampilipe taught how to create Christmas balloon wreaths, where each participant had the opportunity to create their own, while Gergö presented the Gemar Creator platform, during the demonstration he created in digital format the same creation handmade by Tampilipe,  to make it clearer on how the tool designed by Gemar can be used.

At the event, Gemar sponsored a flash competition where participants received similar balloons and had only 15 minutes to create a Christmas decoration. The winner BalloonMiracles competition was announced and awarded the night of the Gala by our Gloria, with a box of Maxi Bags of Shiny balloons.

Gemar was very happy to take part in this event and visit and meet NABAS in the occasion of their 35th anniversary. Looking forward to the next meeting!