PFA Trade Show

Gemar in Washington, DC

On February 3rd, 2022 Gemar USA arrived at The 27th annual PFA Trade Show in Washington, DC!  This exciting 3 day event is made for businesses in the party industry! Who for more than 27 years meet with the spirit and intention of seeking alliances, new commercial relationships, greeting brands and suppliers and continuing to make parties a good business.

Specifically, a PFA member enjoys the benefits whether you want to make more money, save through group buying programs, market your store more effectively and efficiently, win out over your competition or all of the above. PFA, short for Paper First Affiliates, are a group of party stores that work together to thrive as local stores around the globe.

Gemar USA assisted this event to show support to local businesses and educate more about the importance of using sustainable products. As representatives of the brand for the Americas market, we were sharing with all the members of the PFA, meeting our clients in person, introducing ourselves to new members.

We present our products, the new Latte #084 Gemar color and the DIY Garland kits as a special product for businesses that sell products directly to the final consumer. Additionally, Gemar USA held a decoration class that built a hot air balloon. The hot air balloon was taught by Pedro Morales. The class became very successful resulting in many PFA business owners inquiring about Gemar Balloons! We hope to be back in 2023 for the 28th PFA Trade Show in Las Vegas!