Proudly Created in Italy

The attitude for the impossible

We are very pleased to say that Gemar has been included in “Created in Italy”, a book compiled by Giulio Iacchetti.

Giulio is an award winning industrial designer with a host of famous names and well known brands among his clients. He is also a champion of Italian design and the Italian way of living, and launched internoitaliano in 2012 as a way of bringing together a network of Italian designers and manufacturers.

By including Gemar in his latest book, Giulio recognises that our balloons are special, created with an eye for both design and quality. We couldn’t be more proud to stand alongside so many amazing Italian brands!

Something special happens when everyday objects are crafted with care and passion. They become works of art, honed to perfection and filled with an unexpected beauty.

Enzo Mari, the famous Italian artist, had a fondness for scythes. For thousands of years scythes were common objects, a blade and a handle used to cut grass. Nothing special. Yet the precise shape of the handle and the weight of the blade created an object that was perfect for the task. Something that could cut more cleanly than any machine, which is symbolic of farming worldwide, and which has a beauty all of its own. It’s no wonder that Falci, a company based in Dronero who have been making scythes since 1600, are included in the catalogue.

This simple beauty, a combination of aesthetics and practicality, can be seen in so many of the things that are made here in Italy. From chairs and diving masks to pasta dies, these things are created by people who are motivated by a love of what they do. Small and medium sized businesses, often with a long history, pour their heart and soul into everything they make. Each entry in the book has a story behind it.

Of course, this is where Gemar fits in. With a history of innovation that goes back 110 years, we stand with one foot in the past and one in the future. Sustainable, natural and always beautiful, our balloons bring a smile to every occasion. They travel the world, spreading joy wherever they go and always proud to bear the mark “Created in Italy.”

Created in Italy is not just a book, there is also an exhibition which has been a resounding success. It has even been featured in INTERNI magazine, the go-to magazine for contemporary design and interiors in Italy for almost 70 years. As a result of this amazing popularity, the Italian Cultural Institute worked with LCI Melbourne to bring the exhibition to Australia.

The organisers said that “Created in Italy offers the Melbourne design community insight into the intrinsically Italian ability to tackle and transform difficulties into opportunities. The underpinning philosophy of an industry prepared to take risks, whose motto is often ‘let’s give it a try’ instead of resting on the easier ‘it can’t be done.'”

That spirit of invention is certainly an important one at Gemar, we devote thousands of hours to research and development every year and firmly believe that if you can dream it, you can make it with balloons.