Descubra as últimas novidades do mundo dos Balloonistas

Nós trabalhamos constantemente na busca de novas formas de ensinar nossa comunidade a celebrar os momentos especiais com a balloon art e, sempre que descobrimos algo novo, compartilhamo-lo com você. Nossos vídeos com instruções passo a passo tornam o processo acessível a todos. Descubra as próximas novidades do Balloonista, mantenha-se informado e atualizado.

Deep Blue #083

A drop in the deep blue ocean, combine with #042, #044, #047 and #051 to build your own coral reef. We’ll show you how with a simple video tutorial.

Air Guitar #084

Music fans will love this new take on the old air guitar. Make one of your own by following along with the video tutorial - we’ll walk you through every step.

Nellie #085

Nellie is ready for a jungle adventure! If you would like to make her for yourself, there are full instructions in the Balloonista library. It’s easier than it looks!

Colonna Caramelle #086

With candy coloured polka dots and sweets galore, this sugary confection is the perfect way to add a sweet touch to any celebration. Find out how to create your own in the Balloonista library.

Witch’s Brew #087

Hubble Bubble, toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble! Stir up some mischief this Halloween, you’ll find the “recipe” in the Balloonista Library.

Cheeky Snowman #088

Do you wanna build a snowman? This cheeky chap won’t melt too fast, making him the perfect addition to any winter get together. Find out exactly how it’s done with our simple video instructions, in the Balloonista Library now.

Red Nosed Reindeer #089

Do you need someone to guide you through a foggy night? Here he is! You’ll find the step-by-step video tutorial in the Balloonista Library.

Jingle Bells #090

Whether ringing in the new year, or jingling on a sleigh, bells are irresistibly festive. Check out our tutorial and discover how to create these clever shapes using the distortion technique - it’s easier than you might think!