Salzburg festival of Eastern European cultures

with Gemar Balloon ambassador Veronika Golubeva

On May 21st 2022, the scenic park around Schloss Klessheim, a Baroque palace in the city of Salzburg, Austria, has been the backdrop of the “Festival of Oriental cultures”, which was held in support of Ukraine. The festival was attended by Ukrainian master craftsmen, artists, singers, musicians, dancers and actors. The main goal of the festival was to establish a connection between the Austrian citizens towards the Ukrainian culture.

Gemar Ambassador Veronika Golubeva from Ukraine also took part. On the day of the event, she introduced people to the Ukrainian aero design culture by creating a unicorn costume made entirely of Gemar balloons and gave a demonstration of balloon twisting and design, where people had the opportunity to learn skills and techniques. The unicorn Veronika has created has a mane in the colors of the Ukrainian flag.