Surprise Baby Shower with Gemar balloons

for Francesca Ferragni and Riccardo Nicoletti

Francesca Ferragni and her partner Riccardo Nicoletti are expecting their first child. Chiara and Valentina, Francesca’s sisters, decided to surprise future parents with a wonderful baby shower.

The surprise was really successful. Francesca & Riccardo arrived, unaware of the event at Agriturismo Cascina Resta, which is located in Vittuone, in the province of Milan. What a surprise when they discovered their parents and best friends in front of themed decorations.

Look how beautiful this decoration made of Gemar Balloons is. To achieve such beautiful colours, we used the double-stuff technique with Baby blue in White and Mocha in Blush. Latte balloons were used alone to add tenderness to this decoration.

The area usually used as a restaurant seemed to be a fairy world designed specifically for a newborn and it is not surprising that everyone had such amazing photos after this event.

The space usually used as a restaurant seemed to be a fairytale world designed especially for a newborn, as shown in the photos below.