The Sea of Balls Festival – Gelendzhik 2019

The Russian Balloon Convention Lifts the Moment in 2019

It is such an honour to see Gemar® balloons fly high all over the world and our talented, experienced ambassadors show people in all four corners of the globe how magical balloons and balloon art can be.

As May drew to a close, we continued to showcase our balloons and the talent of our team as Irina G and Irina L our Russian ambassadors with the Golden Hands team, travelled to the beautiful seaside resort of Gelendzhik, South of Russia, to wow and amaze a crowd of excited balloon enthusiasts.

Balloon art meets classic art

Here at Gemar® we always jump at the opportunity to push our creative boundaries and transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. The Sea of Balls Festival gave us the perfect opportunity as the theme for 2019 was ‘revived canvasses.’

When we heard this, our clever andcreative Gemar® ambassadors went into overdrive. With the entire human history of art to consider, how could they select pieces that would give them the chance to truly showcase the quality of their own skills and the Gemar® balloons they were using? It’s always about making an impact and lifting the moment and in an event filled with talent and creativity, this was no small task.

Giuseppe Archimboldo

To honour  our Italian roots, we selected the Italian artist  Giuseppe Archimboldo. Apart from his heritage, we chose him because we share his unique perspective on art. He was far ahead of other artists of his time and just like us, saw the possibility of using seemingly everyday objects to create beautiful bespoke pieces of art. He created incredible portraits, painting them entirely of objects such as fruit, animals, birds, flowers, fish and books. The result was striking and lifted the moment in the 16th century. Our task was to bring his artwork alive, to transfer the concept from the painted canvas to a balloon structure and create something Archimboldo would be proud of.

We went specifically for ‘Vertumn’ and ‘Air.’ We think you will agree that what our ambassadors created really did take a life of its own and fly.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who organised and attended the Sea of Balls Festival and to the town of Gelendzhik, for making Gemar® so welcome.

It was a pleasure to be part of a project so innovative and see the creativity of others celebrated together. We are already looking forward to next year and curiously awaiting news on the theme.



The results:

The mobile platform – 3rd place

The growth figure – 1st place

The small sculpture – 2nd place

The black box – 2nd place

The 12 minutes sculpture contest – 1st place

The overall standings at the Grand Prix – 2nd place!