Training course by La Central del Globo

Workshop sponsored in Spain

Another training course took place last week in Reus-Tarragona, Spain. The course was finally held for a total of 8 people, so the atmosphere was very friendly.

For this training course Gemar has sent more than 7,000 balloons.

This event was organized by La Central del Globo for beginners in balloon decoration. That is why the programme was oriented to give them all the necessary information not only theoretical but also practical. The participants were given demonstrations and practical work on classical and organic decorations. They now know how to build columns, arches, bouquets, centrepieces & basic twisted decorations.

All event’s guests were instructed by Cristina Cano:

  • discovering the different shapes & sizes of balloons that exist and how to use them in decoration.
  • how to tie, make clusters, calibrate, work with helium & air.
  • which machines & accessories are necessary to perform an optimal job in decorating with balloons.
  • how to quote prices & sell decorations.

The participants were amazed by the quality, texture and colours of Gemar. There was no lack of desire and motivation to learn – that’s the way to success!


We wish all these participants good luck in finding their place in the world of decoration.