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How to become a Gemar Ambassador?

Becoming a Gemar Ambassador provides your business with credibility and opportunity. It is the perfect platform to showcase your skills and establish yourself as an influencer in the industry.

The careful selection of Gemar Ambassador’s involves about identifying talented individuals, waiting for the right opportunity and we would like to provide it. If you feel this is in you, then you are invited to apply
to the Gemar team today.

To see if you qualify, simply send in a CV and include pictures and/or videos of sculptures you have already made. The next part of the process is a day evaluation in Gemar’s hometown, Casalvieri. You will be able to
work alongside our existing masters and demonstrate your ability to lift the moment in extraordinary ways.

Gemar Ambassador description

Gemar® Ambassadors are global balloon artists and enthusiasts bringing this incredible craft to others through education and information. They are champions representing the core values of Gemar while showcasing high
quality products and innovative designs.

Gemar Ambassadors are independent influencers in balloon art who work with Gemar balloons because they value superior sustainable resources for their creations. Equally Gemar is proud to endorse leaders in the industry
and support the preservation of balloon modelling as a true art form.

Luz Paz


Gergő Lufis Világa


Viktor Polgár


Olga Baldina


Irina Lobanova


Irina Gvozdenko


Veronika Golubeva


Omar Bucio


Yulys Charles


Luz Paz

Luz Paz is a globally well-known balloon artist. She shares Gemar’s passion of balloons and has a distinct eye for detail, creating unique and breath-taking designs with style and panache. She is a favourite among
celebrities who seek her out to provide extraordinary displays and entertainment for their functions.

Somehow Luz manages to fit all this innovation in around being a wife and mother to three boys and a little girl. Luckily her devoted husband of 14 years, Omar truly believes in his wife’s extraordinary talent and
has contributes to her success in every way possible.

Luz was introduced to the Gemar product through Funny Balloons and she has been inspired to teach the art of balloon displays as a result. She has an incredible store in Florida with a huge variety of premium Gemar
balloons available to buy in beautiful, unique colours, shapes and sizes.

Gergő Lufis Világa

Gergő born in 1990, comes from Hungary. Although he started his working life as an economist, he quickly realised his passion was in balloon art. In 2010, he learnt how to twist balloons and shortly afterwards became
a full-time magician/juggler and balloon twister. He continues to be amazed by the joy he brings to people from his talent.

In 2014 Gergő joined Funny Box, Gemar’s Hungarian distributor. His passion for balloons is on a majestic scale – he made numerous huge balloon structures all across Hungary.

Gergő also works as an entertainer (Line twisting, child parties) and as a clown doctor.

Viktor Polgár

27-year-old Viktor Polgár from Zalaegerszeg in Hungary, has dedicated over 15 years of his life to bringing a smile to those around him through his work, hobby and passion of balloon art. Creating eye-catching balloon
figures, sculptures and decorations that have detail as well as extravagance – Viktor’s work is both spectacular and impressive.

He creates over 100 displays every year, supported by his small team from West Hungary. In addition, he loves to share his passion by training others to do the same. He continues to expand his repertoire by continuously
developing new creations and pushing boundaries with one intention – to bring a smile to people’s faces.

Irina Lobanova

Irina has been in the balloon art industry for nearly a decade. She started her journey selling balloons but as a regular reader of the Sharm-Art magazine she soon became fascinated with the creative skill of balloon
art. One day, the magazine ran a competition and without question, she entered.

She was quickly picked up by the chief editor of the magazine, Tatiana Petrovna Levina, who recognised her natural talent and decided to help Irina get the best opportunities to learn, grow and show the world what
she was capable of.

Tatiana pointed her in the direction of specialist festivals around Russia. Irina was both nervous and excited at her first event, she was all alone, but she cherished the opportunity and soon built the team Golden
Hands to support her. They are still going strong today and win prizes regularly in festivals across Russia.

In 2012 Irina started teaching balloons art skills and has now taught in more than 14 countries, sharing her love of balloons worldwide. She is the only Russian to have won a prize from the Sharm-Art magazine and
we are delighted to have her on our Gemar team as one of our treasured ambassadors.

Irina Gvozdenko

Irina Gvozdenko was Introduced to the world of balloons in 2012 and she hasn’t looked back.

Irina Gvozdenko was trained by her namesake, Irina Lobanova. She had a natural talent and feel for balloons and with expert guidance, very quickly developed sophisticated sculpting techniques.

Irina loves working with balloons as her medium and thinks of them just like a painter would his paints.

She became a member of the Golden Hands balloon art team in 2014 and together they participate in national Russian competitions as well as on the International stage. They have proved time and time again that they
are world class balloon artists by winning prizes at every event.

Irina Gvozdenko’s creations continuously surprise everyone with their originality and innovation. You can see examples of her work in Russian and foreign magazines as well as international balloon catalogues.

Since 2016 she has been sharing her secrets in workshops and master classes and we are thrilled she has joined us as a Gemar Ambassador.

Olga Baldina

Olga started her balloon career as a seller in the EUT shop. She had previously worked in advertising and when she moved to the marketing department, her fascination with balloons grew.

Her favourite part of her job has always been organising the Moscow festival of balloons, she was enchanted by the magic from the very first event. Gemar is the main sponsor of this annual festival and so it also
gave her an opportunity to meet with Gemar masters face to face, this deepened her belief in the Gemar ethos, and she hasn’t looked back.

Now Olga is a leader in her own right, she has a great ability to connect with people, sharing her passion and love of Gemar balloons. Olga tells us she can no longer imagine her life without balloons or Gemar,
and we cannot imagine Gemar without her.


Veronika Golubeva

After working with Aerodesign for more than a decade, Veronika learnt a great deal from the world-famous masters there. She was able to exhibit her skills on a world stage by presenting at large scale festivals
and exhibitions.

Her organisational skills are phenomenal as she organised the international festival of aero design in Ukraine ODESSA BALLOON FEST, which culminated in a parade of Humorina, a spectacular display of creative innovation.

Proving that people and connection are as important to her as balloon art, Veronika is the founder of the largest chat community of aero designs in Ukraine with nearly 800 participants.

Her business, Veronika Present, is a manufacturer of special equipment and accessories for aero design. Her company is able to organise complex holidays and events for her customers and embraces the joy of balloons
at these events whenever possible.

We are very proud to have Veronika on our team and in our family. We look forward to lifting the moment together.

Omar Bucio

Omar Bucio

Omar Bucio is the newest member of the Gemar family and what makes Omar’s addition to the Gemar family quite special is that he is following in the footsteps of his incredible talented wife, Luz Paz.

They are running a very successful party shop in Florida and they are travelling the world with Gemar, showcasing their high-level balloon art talent and teaching it to others.

It is unusual in a marriage to find two very talented individuals with the same passion, but it was an absolute joy for us to discover that Luz’s husband had an equal creative flair.

The two of them together are absolutely limitless. They bring out the best in each other and push each other’s creative boundaries. As a family business, it’s particularly joyful to be part of another family in such a beautiful way.

‘There is nothing impossible!’ Omar said when we approached him. He loves working side by side with his beloved wife and we love the increased power they both hold to lift the moment even higher.

Yulys Charles

Yulys Charles

Her passion for balloons began in Venezuela after her own children were born. She suddenly had an outlet to explore her creative side more, something that she had been interested in her whole life but never found the time or reason to pursue.

She decided to introduce high-level children’s parties ‘Recreaciones Estrellas magicas’. This gave Yulys the opportunity to push her creative boundaries and organise exciting, inspiring parties for her guests.

However, it was only when her granddaughter Nathalia was born, that she truly decided to pursue her dream and discover the magical power of balloons.

Yulys trained with world famous balloon artists like Guido Verhoef and continued to widen her artistic horizon with the likes of Irina Lobanova, Anatoly and Sergey Shevchenko, Alex Hernández and Luz Paz.

Yulys understood not only the full potential of balloon art but the impact of quality, sustainable balloons on the end result.

We welcome Yulys onto our ambassador team, we are confident that together we can lift the moment in style.