З’ясуйте, що відбуватиметься у світі Balloonista. Ми постійно працюємо над новими й інноваційними способами навчання у нашій спільноті, щоб піднімати настрій завдяки мистецтву повітряних кульок, і знаходячи щось цікаве, ми поспішаємо поділитися цим із вами. З нашими покроковими відео-інструкціями цей процес є доступним для всіх. Тут ви дізнаєтесь, що планується в Balloonista, щоб завжди бути в курсі подій.

Happy heart of love #012

Valentine's Day is not just a celebration of love but everything that it brings into our life; happiness, joy, fun and laughter. These are the exact same emotions that balloons can evoke and they were the inspiration for our new Balloonista design - The Happy Heart of Love.

Those in our Balloonista community will be able to create this in their own homes using their exclusive access, following our video tutorial and step by-step instructions. Make your heart happy this Valentines Day and lift the moment with Gemar.

Bouquet of Love #011

Nothing says I love you like a beautiful bouquet but don't copy everyone else, your bouquet doesn't have to be made with flowers. This year, our Balloonista community will be able to show their sweet Valentine's how much they love them with a unique balloon bouquet of love. Here at Gemar, we believe in embracing traditional but transforming it into something new. This sculpture is a perfect example of this. Look out for this beautiful bouquet instructions and tutorial video so you can lift the moment this Valentine's Day and your love can bloom.

Tree of Love #010

Love isn’t just about that first rush when you fall for the first time. Love is patience, love is tolerance, love is resilient. True love is more than passion, it grows with time, as the years go by the roots go deeper and it blossoms. The best of love isn’t found within its seedling days but once it has stood the test of time and come into bloom.

Those in our Balloonista community will get the perfect opportunity to share this powerful message with their loved one this Valentines Day. Coming soon we have The Tree of Love, with full step-by-step instructions and video tutorial so you can lift the moment in a beautifully unique way this year.