Why Halloween is Rising to the Top of the Holiday Calendar

Halloween has historically been big business for America, but like many of their trends, consumers around the world are joining in the blood curdling festivities. The US is about to outdo itself another year with projected figures for 2017 expected to exceed $9.1 billion, this translates to each buyer spending a record $86.13 each. Now although they are still the biggest player in this space, brace yourself; Halloween is firmly established as a global phenomenal and if you prepare properly for it, this year can be a record breaker for you too.


The Rise of Halloween Horror

Halloween has grown in popularity as the children of the 70’s have grown into adults. Previous to this, the holiday would just pass by with a few trick or treaters and a Jack-o- lantern. It was this generation that first saw the rise of Halloween as they became more influenced by American culture coming through their TV screens. These 70’s children became thrill seeking young adults and they wanted to relive their terrifying youth. Consequentially, they were also looking for any excuse for a party so the adult Halloween party became as big of a hit as the kids version.

Student Halloween house parties have now become so ingrained in student life, it is more of a tradition than a fad, but what happens when these kids graduate? Well they have children of course and now a whole new generation of little monsters are unleashed on the world. Remember these children now have parents that value Halloween and are willing to spend money on it to create a memorable but fear filled event.

Halloween has now taken over the place of Valentine’s Day and has established itself firmly as the third biggest holiday after Christmas and Easter. It is also the biggest party night of the calendar trailing only behind New Year’s Eve. It has managed this because it has evolved to become an event for all ages and has the ability to unite families, bringing together generations.

Halloween with a Bang

Regardless of how dark or terrifying your customers are planning Halloween, no party is complete without balloons. They help elevate the décor, set the atmosphere and add a sparkle of magic – which is especially important on the night that witches are lurking.

Here at Gemar® we have an exclusive and exciting balloon range that will bring complete any spooky theme. Additionally it is always important to remember that Gemar® balloons are biodegradable and the materials and processes we use are sustainable. This means that after the night of the living dead is over, the horrors of the holiday won’t wreak havoc in the environment for years to come.

Our range for Halloween this year is epic and each design has been specifically chosen to meet the demands of our customers around the globe. As Halloween parties for adults are a growing element of the market, our product range represents this by supplying more sophisticated and menacing designs, as well as traditional Halloween colours and amenable ghostly characters that are engaging for children. With balloons of all shapes, sizes and styles, we have something for every Halloween party so your customers will be able to find exactly what they need.

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