Xiamen Festival 2018

2500m² of balloon labyrinth !

Xiamen Balloon Fest!

If you are looking for an event that really pushes the boundaries of creativity then the annual Xiamen Balloon Fest is the place to be. This event is so incredibly unique that it has the potential to completely change your perception of balloon art.

Every year new boundaries are pushed, an example was the balloon fashion show in 2007 where the models walked down the catwalk hoping their incredible inflatable dresses didn’t go bang.

This year, we think we pushed it even further. Gemar® created a structure that was beyond your average installation, it became an event in itself. Gemar® made a full-size comprehensive, complex maze. It was a delightful treat to watch the families explore this space. It was so cleverly designed we could hear the sequels of delight as the castle (which was also inflatable) in the centre was discovered. The only problem was they then had to find their way out again! Of course, it should go without saying that popping your way through balloon walls was totally against the rules!

With intricate flowers, on-trend unicorns and even a dragon’s lair, this maze was like nothing anyone had experienced before, including the Gemar® crew who created it.

Being able to travel the world and exercise our own creative muscles regularly keeps the Gemar® team excited and motivated. It never gets old, there is constantly room for innovation and inspiration. Xiamen proved to us once again that with balloon art, the opportunities to lift the moment are truly limitless. Thank you to everyone who made us so welcome including the festival organisers who had such a high level of confidence in us to deliver this ambitious project. We have already started planning next year so get ready China!