Created in 2020, GemarDay Live brings all the magic, inspiration and learning of a GemarDay (LINK to GemarDay page) right to you, wherever you are.
Having developed our own, unique, online platform we soon realised that it had value even as the world began to open back up. GemarDay Live is a wonderfully inclusive way for anyone to share in the joy of creating balloon art.

An Event for Everyone

There are many reasons why someone may not be able to attend a GemarDay.
Perhaps they face travel restrictions, or their budget doesn’t stretch to flights and hotels. They might want to learn new skills while recovering from injury or illness, or perhaps they have caring responsibilities that they can’t leave behind. It might be that they dislike crowds, struggle hear from the back of a room, or just don’t have anyone to take care of their dog.
Whatever the reason, GemarDay Live is the answer.

A Unique Experience

GemarDay Live is not an event held on zoom or social media. We have our own platform,
specifically developed to bring you the complete GemarDay experience.

  • Workshops held by top experts from all over the world. When distance truly doesn’t matter, we can bring together some amazing instructors to create an event that can’t be missed.
  • The best seat in the house. Everyone gets a front row seat with the best possible view and sound.
  • The chatbox is buzzing! If you like to join in the conversation then you will love the chatbox, it simply never stops!
  • Separate question box. Want to ask the instructor a question? There’s a separate box, so it won’t get lost in the chat. Your instructor will answer as quickly as they can.
  • Learn best by doing? Some events include kits so that you can get hands on with the workshops.
  • Need repetition? Video replays are made available so that you can watch as many times as you need to.

Live, in Your Living Room

All of this is brought to you, no matter where you are. Join us from your bed, your shop or the top of a mountain. You chose the location that works best for you – all you need is an internet connection.
Then you simply grab your favourite food, pour a drink and settle into your comfiest chair and log on for an event designed to meet your unique needs.