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Lodola X Gemar

Gemar balloons are used in all kinds of contexts, our “Lifting the Moment” has expanded from events, to fashion, entertainment, and art.

Art is the interpretation of what we live and what surrounds us, it is the ultimate expression of our imagination and at Gemar we try to do this through balloons. Imagining something capable of stimulating emotions through light and colour, a concept in which balloons become the work of art led us to discover the world of Lodola.

Meeting Marco was exciting, we share a vision of an illuminated world full of joy and colour. Defined as a neo-futurist artist, his colours, style, and positive energy led us to create a collaboration in which Gemar balloons shine with a new light, that of master Lodola.

Thanks to our team of talented individuals once again we turned imagination into reality.

Lodola’s works and Gemar balloons bring to life a new concept of art where the whole is greater than its parts, illuminating the moment – lighting the moment!


Can you imagine a future, inspired by balloons?

To celebrate 2023, we chose the theme “imagine” as we continue to dream about a better future.

Imagination is the beginning of creation, and what better way to create than with a spectacular team of balloon artists.

Gemar and Gemar USA team, Gemar Masters, Ambassadors and Talent from every part of the globe assembled to turn the inspiration into reality.

Everything we created is meant to inspire, from the unique location, Castello Boncompagni-Viscogliosi, perched on top of a waterfall, to the atmospheric colours and the sheer joy of being together again after such a long time.

We hope you will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.

We make more than balloons. We make moments.


Together Again

They say “no man is an island” and in 2022 we revel in being together again, where once we kept apart. Inspired by the outpouring of love we have witnessed around the world, we celebrate with families of all shapes and sizes as they are finally able to be together again. Every family is more than the sum of its parts, each individual bringing their own energy to contribute to the whole. So it is with the 2022 calendar, bringing together the talents of Giada, Cira and our own Gloria to create something truly spectacular.

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Colours of life

The 2021 calendar saw us working with fashion designer Giada Curti. The collaboration gave us the perfect opportunity to play with colour, texture and techniques in search of something utterly unique.

There is a beauty found in the small things in life, in the everyday, and this is reflected in the artwork we created for every page. Together we use the beauty of life to lift, not just the moment, but the year.


Inspiring the Next Generation

As passionate believers in rewarding talent, we want to invest in the artists of the future.
With this in mind, in 2019 we challenged the students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Frosinone (Italy) to design 12 balloon installations, inspired by the 12 months of the year. We weren’t quite sure what to expect and as the entries came in, we were blown away by the variety and skill shown.
It certainly wasn’t easy to choose a winner but eventually 21-year-old Beray Unlutas took first prize. Her designs showed a wonderful lightness and this was never lost as they were brought to life by our masters.


Signs of the Zodiac

The signs of the zodiac have been illustrated in many ways and the 2019 calendar was our chance to add to that rich history.

We developed our own illustrations for each of the signs and the Gemar® Masters brought them to life with all the passion and creativity we have come to expect.

The result was twelve unique sculptures, each one a perfect example of the art of balloon sculpture.


Growing Organically

In 2018 our inspiration was drawn from a balloon art technique instead of a subject.
The organic technique results in sculptures with a wonderful movement and we wanted to capture and celebrate this distinctive style.
We chose a symbol that we felt represented the spirit of each month and created beautiful live sculptures, each with a very special character.


A Season for Flowers

From daffodils to roses, nothing reflects the turning of the year better than the familiar coming and going of flowers in the gardens and countryside around us.
Inspired by the meanings given to different flowers through the centuries, our Gemar® Masters used the “fantasy flowers” technique to create beautiful blooms for each month.
This calendar is a true work of art, with glowing colours and astounding detail in every piece.


The Tree of Life

The tree of life sculpture was created at Expo 2015, as part of our anniversary celebrations. Rooted in the solid earth as we are rooted in a history that spans four generations, still the branches of the tree reach for the stars and a future of inspiration and innovation.


Postcards from Around the World

We may be based in Italy but the Gemar® family is spread around the globe and the first Gemar® calendar was a celebration of that special connection. Each month saw a different landmark brought to life through the magic of balloon sculpture and perfectly captured as a postcard.

When someone sends a postcard they capture a moment in time, a few lines is all it takes to send the joy of a holiday back to loved ones at home. We hope that our postcards reflected the importance of celebrating, remembering and lifting every moment.