What is a GemarDay?

The original way to learn balloon art from the best at Gemar, and still one of the most popular.
A GemarDay is a face to face event organised by one of our distributors, anywhere in the world.
Participants of all levels gather from far and wide to share their love of balloon art, learn new skills, make connections and have fun.

Inspirational Workshops

Do you want to learn from the best? A GemarDay is your chance to experience balloon art workshops taught by top balloon professionals – Gemar Masters and Ambassadors.
The workshops cover a variety of skills and techniques, using different types of Gemar balloons.
All of them demonstrated through beautiful sculptures. On trend themes and the latest colours keep you up to date, you might even catch a glimpse of the latest Gemar release.
Whether watching from your seat, getting hands on to create your own sculpture or contributing to a huge installation, you cannot fail to be inspired by the sheer passion and joy that our Masters and Ambassadors bring to the room.

New Connections

Spending a day or two in the company of like minded people can’t fail to spark friendships and a GemarDay is the perfect opportunity to meet new people.
This is the best sort of networking, no 60 second pitche, just relationships formed from a shared love of balloon art. Laughing together, working together, sharing ideas, it’s not unusual for participants to plan new collaborations and joint projects.
If nothing else, you are bound to leave with a few more people to follow on social media and a few more friends in real life.

Electric Atmosphere

We are proud to say that our balloons always lift the moment, and GemarDays are no exception. Whether small and intimate or held in a ball room, they always echo with laughter – and the occasional burst balloon. A true party atmosphere (and sometimes a dance party) has everyone grinning from ear to ear.

Be Part of the Experience

When you leave a GemarDay you take much more than just your goody bag. Buzzing and inspired, with new skills to practice and new friends to collaborate with, you might just be transformed. This is an event you don’t want to miss.