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During this class you will learn the basics of decorating with balloons and something else. Professional decorators will instruct you step by step to create a balloon decoration from scratch; learn how to inflate, calibrate, weave and tie balloons correctly. You will build basic arches and columns in strips and turns, a resource that once you learn to master will become the basis of many of your decorations. After you have learned some technical basics of balloon decoration, it is time to level up. You will learn how to assemble deluxe bouquets and pedestals, decorations full of grace, ingenuity and many avant-garde techniques that you will gradually master, such as weaving and assembling pieces. Also you will enjoy putting together the bubble bouquet and the bouquet with the Square Pack Technique, two techniques that will be the protagonists during this 2022. All participants will begin to make montages and structures creating a set that has the WOW Factor as its main concept.

You will learn how to decorate ceilings and install garlands with an organic technique, how to decorate stairs according to the type of structures, knotting and weaving balloons. You will delve into the organic technique, its bases, principles and executions. You will also create floating organic bouquets and many other designs in the style of Luz Paz. Also you will learn the difference between indoor and outdoor decorations. To carry out these techniques all participants will be decorating a beautiful terrace and the exterior of Forever Panama. By filling these spaces with balloons, you will be developing various resistant knotting techniques, fabrics that withstand storms and one or another trick that extends the duration of your balloons in open spaces.

Learn with Luz Paz all about balloon decoration, ask questions, recreate techniques and develop your creative potential in the company of the best. During this master class you will learn in detail everything about the latest decorative trends that will continue to boom during this 2022. You will learn: installation of decoration with balloons, balloon scenery, ceiling decoration, installation and design of decorative panels, organic tissue technique with balloons, color palette design, monetization of your services as a balloon decorator, preparation of budgets and cost evaluation.

In this class you will learn the ABC of balloons: Inflate, measure pressure and weave, three essential points in the elaboration of any structure that involves balloons. After learning the base you will be putting together a basic balloon arch and a basic balloon column, both with striped and twisted designs, leaving the choice of colors for these models to your imagination. Also you will learn how to create the Deluxe Bouquets, how to design a pedestal on metal bases, how to incorporate accessories and balloons to this radiant design, and how to create bubble bouquet. Following this you will recreate the Square Pack technique, this being the best way to end the class. The topic of the second day is Pool Party Retro Theme. You will learn to assemble panels on flat surfaces (Floors, tables) and you will create walls with the Square Pack technique (Stripes Design), walls with accessories (Installation and design) and a fully customized main table.

During this class you will learn how to create a Deluxe Bouquet, how to install the base of a Deluxe pedestal, how to design a delicate bubble arrangement and how to assemble a bouquet with 19” balloons. Each of these decorations have elements in common that complement each other, allowing you to delve into the design, texture and formation of each of these expressions. The Square Pack technique will be present during the class, a unique and striking way of creating art with balloons that you can customize according to the client’s taste. You will create garlands with an organic technique, mount panels and incorporate accessories, all this using the techniques of weaving, installation and conservation of structures. Because the secret of a good and lasting decoration will always be a strong and resistant base.

During the first class Luz Paz will be teaching you the basic techniques to inflate balloons, master the use of electric pumps and manual pumps, basic weaving techniques and the step by step to assemble decorations from scratch. You will also learn to design basic arches and columns with stripes and turned, whose colors you can customize to put together any themed event. Then you will start an interactive and interesting class to assemble Deluxe Bouquets. You will also install a Deluxe pedestal from scratch, which consists of a base decorated with balloons and accessories on top. This class wouldn’t be complete without bubble bouquet, a charming design and installation technique that you can combine with the organic technique. The first day will be closed with a flourish with a special bouquet using the square pack technique. Second day id for preparing yourself as an expert in balloon decoration. During the last day you will learn to install panels, walls and structures with balloons. In addition, you will get installation tips for interiors and exteriors. You will design walls in the Square Pack style and use the organic technique in conjunction with other techniques for mounting accessories.

Wow Pop is going to Spain for the first time. There will be 2 days full of designs and techniques that will give you the tools to start beautiful decorations in any city or country in Europe.

The first day we will teach in the morning the basic course (A,B,C of the balloons) how to make decorations from scratch, how to weave, how to inflate, how to make arches and basic columns. In the afternoon Wow Pop will teach how to make deluxe pedestals and bouquets that can be adapted to any theme or celebration.

The second day we will teach how to make structures, install panels, decorate organic garlands and set up scenery.

Practice MasterClasses in the international tour led by Fabio Raian, who joins Alison Vasconcelos and Yulys Charles, ambassador of the Italian brand Gemar, to bring interactive content where they will teach you how to assemble and design balloon decorations and amazing setups for special events, and thus obtain valuable techniques and tools for the success of your business or enterprise.