Balloons that Respect the Environment

Lifting the Moment and Protecting the Planet

At a time when the world is facing a growing plastic waste problem it is important to know that our balloons are not made from plastic. The simple sight of a balloon brings joy and happiness to people of all ages. Something which can be enjoyed, safe in the knowledge that Gemar balloons are environmentally friendly, sustainable and ethical.

Renewable and Sustainable

Gemar uses responsibly sourced natural rubber latex also known as caoutchouc, a milky sap harvested from the Hevea Brasiliensis rubber tree in the same way that maple syrup is tapped from maple trees. This natural and rapidly renewable material is preserved throughout the manufacturing process to give an end product that is 100% bio-based.

Renewable materials

Our balloon manufacturing process uses more than 90% of renewable materials.
All of our packaging is either reusable, recyclable and/or FSC®-certified.

Don’t Let Go

Even though our balloons are bio-based, litter is still unsightly and poses a very real danger to wildlife. Since everything that goes up must eventually come down, we don’t support balloon releases, instead we encourage our customers to use balloon weights and enjoy their balloons safely. After use it is important that all balloons are popped and disposed of responsibly.

The Plastic Free Alternative to Balloon Sticks

Many of our existing clients have already pledged to reduce their use of single plastics. With BalloonGrip™, we can offer you an affordable and eco-friendly solution. These award- winning cardboard sticks are the perfect alternative to the traditional plastic.

How to care for your balloon

At Gemar we know that our balloons can bring joy no matter what the occasion. We want you to enjoy them safely, however, we also want to protect the environment.

Safe balloon practices

There are 5 easy steps on how to organise celebration of your life without disappointments.
For more information see PartySafe website.