2022 Calendar

Together Again

The Gemar 2022 calendar is here, and it’s not one to be missed! This year we have worked with Giada Curti and Cira Lombardo to create a glorious celebration of family, and of being together once again.

We have kept apart for too long and in 2022 every occasion can be a party and every party is a precious opportunity. No moment will be left to pass by unmarked. This year we will take every event to the next level and make memories to last a lifetime. Life is too precious to let any more of it slip past unnoticed.

You may remember fashion designer Giada Curti from last year’s calendar and we are thrilled to welcome her back again this year. The spirit of Giada’s work is in her belief that fashion tells a story of experience and emotion. This year the story is all about human connection, in so many different ways.

For wedding planner Cira Lombardo every event is important, and every detail matters. She also brings a new, collaborative, style of entrepreneurship. Cira believes that when we give up competition and turn to collaboration instead we can work together to benefit everyone, which makes her the perfect person to help us lift every moment!

Inspired by the outpouring of love we have witnessed around the world, we celebrate with families of all shapes and sizes as they are finally able to be together again. Every family is more than the sum of its parts, each individual bringing their own energy to contribute to the whole.

Helen Keller once said “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” So it is with the 2022 calendar, bringing together the talents of Giada, Cira and our own Gloria to create something truly spectacular.

As you turn the pages throughout the year we hope you are inspired to make every moment count. Call a friend and have coffee, visit a loved one, make an ordinary afternoon special. Afterall, we are family and we are stronger together.

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