3 stunning balloon art installations in Russia

Our Ambassadors Have Blown Us Away

Our two Russian Ambassadors, Irina Lobanova and Irina Gvozdenko, have truly blown us away with their work in three stunning balloon art installations.

The events were organised by Prazdnik Master, a balloon company in Russia, and our fabulous Gemar® Ambassadors were part of the team. Creating just one of these sculptures would be a wonderful accomplishment – each one took meticulous planning, skillful construction and over 150 000 balloons. They are not simply technical masterpieces though, they embody the joy and creativity that inspires the very best balloon art. Nobody could see sculptures like these and remain unmoved.

The first event took place in Krasnodar and took us on a journey through the looking glass to visit Alice in Wonderland. Visitors really did feel as if they had shrunk as they looked up, past Alice, the mad Hatter and the Queen, to glimpse the Jabberwocky staring down from the rafters. It was an awe inspiring display and one that will never be forgotten. Every detail was perfect, down to the last rose – half way through the process of being painted red at the instruction of the Queen.

The second event brought Aladdin to Anapa and took us on another magical journey, this time floating on a magic carpet. We always knew that balloons could lift the moment but this really was something very special. If balloons are ever to truly create a “whole new world” then this is it, from the towering Genie to the palace surrounded by palm trees. We felt that we could simply step in and become part of the magical scene.

Just as we thought we had seen the best that balloon sculptures could offer, the team proved us wrong. Shoppers in the Armavir town mall were treated to the breathtaking sight of larger than life dragons swooping and soaring through the sky in a stunning scene from “How to Train Your Dragon.” The sheer size of this multi-storey space meant the team could really let their imagination take flight and so they did, creating something that defies all expectations and set the lucky shoppers hearts soaring among the (balloon) clouds.

At Gemar® we value the creativity and passion of our Ambassadors, we love to see them bring their joyful energy to others through their art. These events were wonderful examples of that and couldn’t fail to bring a smile to everyone who saw them. We would like to offer our congratulations to Irina Lobanova, Irina Gvozdenko, Prazdnik Master and the whole team, these sculptures are a triumph!