A Sweet Gender Reveal

By Tampilipe

Balloon art is always playful and fun, but occasionally it can become static. Tampillipe’s recent clients asked for something with life and movement, and he gave them a sophisticated display with all the whimsy of a balloon bobbing at the end of a string.

A new baby is always a special event. Tampillipe was tasked with creating the stunning installation, at The Four Seasons hotel in Geneva, to help new parents celebrate with family and friends as they revealed the gender of their growing baby.


It was no small task, the build took 2600 balloons and a team of four people worked to bring it together. It was worth it though, the results were stunning! A froth of pink, grey and cream balloons left nobody in any doubt that the couple were expecting a daughter, and a beautiful carousel lent the whole scene a classic charm.

The defining features however, were the beautiful white clouds and a stunning bouquet of pink balloons, carrying a teddy with them into the sky. Usually these would be fixed in place but instead they were made from helium filled balloons and allowed to float freely. The bobbing bouquet and quietly drifting clouds gave the sculpture a unique energy and life, and were thoroughly enjoyed by everyone at the party.