24th October “Air Meeting” with Irina Lobanova

The first Air Meeting in Moscow

October’s Air Meeting with Irina Lobanova was a spectacular event, held in Moscow for the first time. VZAcademy provided the perfect location for an event full of balloon art, fashion and photography and Olga Baldina herself joined in on the day.

This month the students had a beautiful space with plenty of room to create three large photo zones. Fifteen keen balloon artists set to work under Irina’s expert guidance and the results were spectacular, as always.

Despite the fact that all three scenes had a floral theme, they couldn’t have been more different. In one backdrop scarlet poppies stood out in stunning contrast to a silver frame, giving a modern and edgy look. In another, twisted plaits and huge white blooms gave the ultimate feminine vibe.

Of course, some of the most popular Gemar colours made an appearance too. The shiny range is simply irreplaceable, nothing else has the same soft sheen, and we love the combination of shiny pink with traditional balloons. New Gemar colours, misty rose and olive green, also featured in a spectacular sculpture that leaves us in no doubt as to why they are proving so popular!

Once the three photo zones were ready everyone took a well earned break to change from dusty work clothes into beautiful gowns and outfits ready for the photoshoot. The students had been told the colours and themes in advance, so they had time to plan outfits to coordinate or contrast as they wanted.

Olga was even wearing a stunning dress by fashion designer Giada Curti. With Giada’s wonderful sense of colour and textures, and the beautiful balloon sculptures, Olga looked as if she had stepped straight from the pages of the Gemar calendar!

Look out for more Air Meetings, they are always a lot of fun and students gain both knowledge and useful images for their portfolio, social media and website.

>> Pictures of the event <<