“Air Meeting” with Irina Lobanova

Diving into a unique world of fairy tales

Here we are in another appointment with Irina Lobanova and her magical event “Air Meeting” that are always a gift for the students and for those who watch.

You never stop learning, this time there were 3 sculptures carried out by Irina in the meeting, full of innovation, creativity and a touch of magic, an immersion in the world of fairies.

The work done by Irina and her students resulted in 3 creations focused on the importance of the background, giving a Shiny balloon wall with white clouds the light needed with the addition of shining moon and stars using LED technology inside the balloon.

In the second scene Irina created a fairy background, a composition of balloons in the shape of human dimension wings, she would turn anyone into a fairy!

In the third and final creation, Irina has developed Shiny balloon columns, of different sizes, combining a giant bouquet of wonderful flowers, such a romantic touch!

As always, the team had a lot of fun, refining the techniques of balloon art and being photographed with the result of their work, always learning something new with super Irina!