March “Air Meeting” with Irina Lobanova

Picture Perfect in Novorossiysk

On March 22nd Gemar Ambassador Irina Lobanova held the second annual “Air Meeting” in Novorossiysk, Russia.

This is a unique event designed to perfectly meet the needs of students who may be building a balloon business but don’t yet have the big portfolio that they want to share.

The day began with an informal and fun session. Irina shared new techniques and ideas with the students and then everyone got to work creating some beautiful works of balloon art.

This is a wonderful opportunity, but there are other similar events. The Air Meeting becomes utterly unique in the afternoon. When all the installations were complete the students had some time to get changed, perhaps do their hair or makeup. Then they took photographs with their work.

At the end of the day participants left with valuable new skills, new contacts and new friends. They also left with a lot of top quality photographs which they will be proud to share in their portfolios, on social media and even on their websites. It’s a fantastic way for a new balloon artist to get the material they need to promote their business.

The Air Meeting was such a fun event, the photoshoot especially felt like a red carpet event as everyone got “glammed up” and enjoyed themselves. The room rang with laughter and participants left with faces covered in smiles.

We can’t wait to see what they do next.

>> Pictures of the event <<