Balloon Trip – 1st edition

November 19th - 21st 2021

The First Balloon Trip Boards in Miami

Who wouldn’t want to pack their bags and head off for an adventure filled with great friends, inspiring new ideas and (of course) armfuls of balloons? That’s exactly what participants in the first “Balloon Trip” convention were invited to do, all without leaving the EB Hotel in Miami.

From the moment they checked in participants were in for the time of their lives, the party never stopped! Day one stayed close to home with a “Gemar campout” themed networking event as well as the “G Idol” and “the G party don’t stop” competitions. The opening ceremony had everyone raring to go and participants were full of excitement for the next day!

Saturday meant a day in Miami, with palm trees and beach parties leading the way. Gemar’s Yulys Charles and Lia Leottau shone among the instructors and everyone thoroughly enjoyed learning new techniques and gaining newfound inspiration.

The final day saw the Balloon Trip landing in New York, where Tampilipe, Luz Paz and Omar were waiting. They did us proud as they produced cityscapes and skyscrapers from nothing but balloons. The party didn’t stop there of course, especially with Lady Liberty herself among the guests!

This was a truly fabulous event, but it was much more than that. It was the first in-person event that Gemar USA had held since the pandemic, and it was Tampilipe’s first opportunity to meet the Gemar team since he became an Ambassador. As you can imagine, this made for a very emotional weekend and a true highlight to our year.

Many thanks go to the Gemar USA team, headed by Maria and Piero, and to all the instructors. Some made long journeys to be there, and it was certainly worth every mile. As the party music fades into memory, and all the balloons have been carefully tidied away, this is an event that will live on.