Best Balloon – Workshop

Sophisticated wedding decor in Ireland

We have often said that the new natural range is perfect for more “grown up” occasions, and the recent Best Balloons Workshop in Ireland has proven that beyond a shadow of a doubt!

This beautiful and intimate workshop involved just 18 participants, 6 at a time, and was held in the Best Balloons warehouse in Ashbourne. Kristina Dubrovska did a wonderful job as the instructor and was very highly praised by the participants.

Many of those attending had never been to a balloon workshop before, so this was the perfect introduction! There was a real sense of camaraderie as everyone helped and supported each other, making friends and perhaps even forming business connections. Kristina introduced several new techniques and everyone was keen to learn from her.

The theme for the day was Wedding Decor, with an emphasis on sophisticated style. Kristina talked about wedding trends and colours as well as covering organics, centerpieces, elegant entrance designs, photo hoops and more.

Many of the participants had never used Gemar balloons before, but that didn’t last long! Everyone was keen to discover the quality and beautiful colours of Gemar, and to see what they could create! The colour palettes included olive green and misty rose, combined with soft gold, creams and other neutral shades as well as beautiful accents from artificial flowers and soft feathers.

Any of the participant’s creations would have looked perfectly at home in a wedding venue, and we are sure the happy couple would be thrilled with the results!

As the day drew to a close, perhaps SJ Balloons (one of the participants) said it best. “Had such a great day and learnt so much! Wish we had another day! Kristina is so patient and helpful and the Gemar balloons are great to work with! Looking forward to the next training day.”

See you next time, SJ!