Blackpool Balloon Bash 2023

Gemar takes United Kingdom

We just went back from The Blackpool Balloon Bash 2023 and can’t wait to share the best moments with you. As always it was a highlight of our calendar and a wonderful event. As last year we attended the event in person, hosting workshops, running the jam room, and generally sharing our passion for balloon art.
Gemar Master Vincenzo Musto and Gemar Ambassador Gergo Csatai did a great job running workshops and teaching in a jam room. Also Christopher Lyle’s classes were sponsored by Gemar. He teached how to twist small cute sculptures. The stage was decorated with Gemar balloons. Fiona Eagle practically recreated the circus arena.
The atmosphere was wonderful, so full of joyful energy, helped by the fact that almost everyone stayed at the hotel and we enjoyed socialising. Everyone impressed us with their creativity, beginners and professionals alike and we had 100% positive feedback from the participants.