Brazil and Megatoon love Balloons

Welcome Megatoon !

Our talented masters Vincenzo & Roberta flew to the country of carnivals to take part in a balloon party that was sure to lift the moment. With our new partners Megatoon, the pair were able to showcase the high-quality Gemar® balloon and spread the magic of balloon art.

A Christmas Cracker

The first fair that they attended was the AB CASA NATAL E FESTAS in  São Paulo. This is the only Brazilian fair anyone would need to go to for all their Christmas and holiday needs. This festive market might be scheduled for the summer but this is the perfect time to get planning your Christmas strategy and think about how you can lift the moment and revenue for the season of goodwill.

The fair is a hub of professionals from shop keeps, decorators and designers. They come from all over the country and demonstrate the latest products and trends due to hit the shops.

Balloon magic

Bringing us back to June, the second fair we attended with Megatoon was the traditional but still extraordinary balloon event also in  São Paulo; EXPO FESTAS E PARQUES. Megatoon have been making an impact at this fair for more than 12 years and now in partnership with us, we were able to lift the moment together. Especially when our masters were able to participate in SNAB, which is a national balloon art seminar. Creativity was on the agenda!

The event is an opportunity for hundreds of balloon enthusiasts to connect and share love of the art, perfecting and learning new techniques from the leaders in the industry. It is designed to be a grand learning opportunity for those who want to get serious about balloons and push their own creative boundaries.


These fairs have been a great way to start our relationship with Megatoon with a bang. We are the perfect partners because we are truly passionate about the power of balloons and believe in the value and importance of sustainable, quality products to enable creativity to flourish.

We are so excited to be working with them in the future. Together we have the vision and expertise to lift the moment across Brazil!

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome them into the Gemar® family. May there be many more fairs in the years to come.