Circus workshop

Running Away with the Circus

We have always said that balloons bring joy to the world, and what better way to spread that joy than in a circus tent!

Earlier this year Gemar Ambassador Yulys Charles and instructor Alisson Vasconcelos did exactly that when they welcomed 20 eager balloon artists for a different workshop.

Anyone attending a balloon art workshop can expect to get expert instruction, with a wide range of techniques to try, and plenty of tips & tricks. The Circus Workshop was no different and participants were introduced to 6 different techniques. These included organic, balloon distortion and twisting as well as colour knowledge, and creating big structures.

For some of the participants this was the first time they had helped to build anything on such a large scale – and a circus elephant is certainly large!

Unlike any other workshop, this did not take place in a hotel or party shop. The magic of the circus workshop was that it actually happened in a real big top, as the Mysterious Circus was preparing to open to the public. This collaboration created a magical atmosphere, all the buzz and excitement of a real circus combined with the fun of balloons. Who can fail to be inspired when you might meet a clown or acrobat at any moment?

With 8,500 balloons to play with, and expert guidance by Yulys & Alisson, the participants created some wonderful sculptures. From a lifelike circus elephant to tumbling clowns, each one is bursting with energy and joy.

Freezing weather certainly caused a few problems, making it difficult for students to get to the venue and for the circus to get everything ready, but nothing could put a stop to this wonderful event.

After all, the show must go on!

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