G! come Giocare – Milan 2019

A Celebration of Play

If there’s one thing that we love here at Gemar®, it’s the sheer joy that you find in a child discovering the world for the first time. Their imaginations run free, creativity is unhampered by adult ideas and it seems that anything is possible. It’s this spirit that we aim to capture in our balloons and share with the world.

So, it’s no surprise that we loved spending last weekend at the G! Come Giocare exhibition in Milan, where three days are devoted to toys, play and the magic of childhood. From the simplicity of building blocks to the most high tech robots, everything was here and we loved taking our place among them.

Inspiring the next generation

Gemar has a long history in balloon art and we never forget how important it is to look to the future and continue that legacy. We were thrilled to have this opportunity to work with young balloon enthusiasts and start them on the journey as they discover the creativity and joy in balloon art. Each day we taught many groups of children how to create a simple Panda sculpture and every child took their artwork home with them to treasure. Learning a new skill is always a pleasure. Seeing the happiness in the children’s faces as they learnt to twist and join the balloons simply made our day. In fact the whole weekend was such fun that it hardly felt like work at all!

Work it was, however, and we have to say a special thank you to everyone who put in so much time and energy to make the event a success. From building our wonderful stand to planning the lessons, teaching the children and clearing up afterwards, it was certainly a team effort.

We are already looking forward to next year’s event and lifting the moment again, but for now we hope to see some of our young friends using their new skills to create more balloon art, you never know maybe one day one of them will become a Gemar® Ambassador!