Gemar Day Canada #AmericanTour2023

Gemar takes the USA

Our first ever Gemar Day in Canada took place on May 17th, 2023 and it was an amazing experience for every participants involved! We had 130 guests! It was so incredible that we can’t wait to share our best moments with you.

The tour began with “Gemar Creator vs Reality”, where Gemar Masters Claudio & Vincenzo instructed the attendees on how to use the Gemar Creator software to make a render of a balloon decoration, in this case, a Gemar Star Arch. Everyone was very excited about the benefits that the balloon design program could bring.

The second class was held by Gemar Master Roberta with a challenging balloon distortion technique. During the class, she demonstrated how to make flowers out of balloon distortion and a balloon column. With various techniques and balloons we learned to do twisting and arches! At the end we placed what we learned onto the final decoration.

The third one was led by Gemar Master Vincenzo and was dedicated to graduation cap out of modelling technique. Despite the advanced level, many students completed it successfully, which was a rewarding experience.

The last class featured Gemar Talent Javier, who made his debut as an instructor in a Gemar Day with a Maxi Bouquet class. He demonstrated how to make an oversized bouquet with foils, customised print balloons, helium balloons. His insights and tips during the class thrilled us, making it a very insightful class.

Thank you for learning and enjoying with us! Thank you Gemar USA team for this incredible event!