Gemar Day Mexico #AmericanTour2023

Gemar takes the USA

Gemar’s American tour continues with a third stop in Guadalajara, Mexico. 120 participants visited this event! It was so impressive that we can’t wait to feel this fantastic atmosphere again.

The first class in our Mexico stop of the American Tour, “Gemar Creator vs Reality”, just keeps proving how great and effective the Gemar Creator software is. Our Gemar Masters Claudio Casagrande & Vincenzo Musto instructed everyone how to use the Gemar Creator to make a render of a balloon decoration. In Mexico we celebrated the LOVE theme and made a heart arch. The class was followed by a hands-on portion where attendees made their own heart sculptures.

Second one was given by Gemar Ambassador Roberta Pinto. This class gave everyone the opportunity to learn and pratice distortion techniques with a balloon flower decoration. Roberta also went over basic tips for making balloon columns and adding accessories like plants, flowers and more! This class was full of beginners but they decorated like pros!

The third one was organised by Vincenzo and this class was using G-Link techniques to a massive heart! Vincenzo‘s passion for teaching motivated everyone to learn. This class went over the butterfly and everyone was able to add their butterflies creations to the heart wall! It was a wonderful experience to see how everyone reacted to their charming butterflies!

Fourth one was prepared by Gemar Ambassador, Lia Leottau, who made the picture perfect bouquet by incorporating many elements into the decoration and most important, her creativity! We placed all the elements on the final decoration and got an incredible photozone.

Thank you Gemar USA team for this incredible event! Next stop is San Juan, Puerto Rico!