GemarDay Brno 2022

Gender Reveal creation and Macaron Link Wall at Brno GemarDay 2022

On Thursday 27th of October, another GemarDay appointment took place in Brno, Czech Republic, a day dedicated to Gemar balloon sharing education, training and fun with our partners and participants.

On the day of the event, our Vice President Genesio Rocca travelled to Brnö to pay our respect on behalf of Gemar to the local partner and customers, accompanied by our Business Development Director Dominique Palladini!


In the morning there was the presentation and introduction to the public of the Gemar Masters Claudio and Cristian.

One of the classes was a demonstration of the macaron wall, using the technique developed by Gemar Master Claudio Casagrande, specialized in creating walls using G-Link balloons.

Among the various lessons, the use of the foam board technique emerged in Brnö, to design and create freestanding letters and numbers that will immediately catch the eye.

After the lunch break, Gemar Day event resumed with another exciting lesson, Cristian Olibardi created the perfect decoration for a gender reveal party. In the lesson, a large organic heart has been built, using blue and pink balloons, where participants learned how to combine balloons of different sizes to give it texture and bring the sculpture to life.

Among the various lessons, there was also the creation of Gemar Talent Ismaele Toma, where with the use of the circle he composed the gender reveal circle “It’s a Boy” with blue balloons and a Teddy Bear standing at the center of creation.

We would like to thank Smart Balloons for having us in Brnö, we enjoyed sharing with you our knowledge and expanding the Gemar family more and more!

Looking forward to our next event, see you soon, Ciao!