GemarDay Live USA

A global event like no other



It takes a long time to plan a large-scale event. Over a year ago, when the world was in shock with the sudden arrival of a global pandemic, Gemar had to make a decision. With no crystal ball, it wasn’t an easy decision to make, but it turns out that taking GemarDay USA online was the best thing it could have done. PPS finds out more.

Gemar worked hard to create an event that was completely different from anything else that had gone before on this scale for its recent GemarDay USA. There were no pre-recorded tutorial – instead the company created 36 hours of content, live streamed to participants around the world in their own language. This meant there were three days where participants could ask questions and a panel of moderators would answer them. Where they could ask an instructor to explain something, or show a technique again, and the instructor could give them that explanation. This was a truly interactive event, the closest thing to being in-person. And it’s not quite over yet.

Part of the fun of a GemarDay is getting hands-on and making something. Gemar didn’t want participants to miss out on that so it sent balloon kits to them, allowing them to take part in some of the classes no matter where they were in the world. In a way this means that GemarDay Live lives on and it can’t wait to see sculptures popping up on social media over the weeks to come as the fun continues through Gemar Spirit and #IDIDIT contests.

This was an event where every day was also filled with surprises. There were special guest visits from members of the Rocca family, the founders of Gemar, while instructors had developed techniques especially for the event, showing off
breathtaking displays that left the audience speechless. Participants even had the honour of witnessing the moment new parents discovered their baby’s gender, when Paola Camacho surprised them by putting her gender reveal party décor to excellent use.

There were also some special announcements, including the launch of four new balloons and a brand new colour. Gemar Shiny started off as just a single balloon and has grown into a whole family, from the smallest Tiny Shiny all the way through to Giant Shiny. Which made GemarDay Live the perfect opportunity to announce some new additions to the range. Eagle eyed Shiny fans had already spotted one of the new balloons, hidden away in the Gemar 2021 calendar. They will be thrilled to finally get their hands on Shiny Modelling balloons, available in three different sizes and the full range of shiny colours.

At the other end of the scale, the range added a new balloon for those who like to make a bold statement. Giant Shiny takes all the ‘wow factor’ of Shine Big and makes it bigger than anything else on the market. A full 31 inches of glorious Shiny colour, Giant Shiny makes a unique impact. On top of this, the company also shared a brand new colour, Shiny Purple, a colour it describes as speaking of deep velvet and luxury.

“When the sessions began it was hard to know who was most excited,” says Gloria Veta, brand and sales director at Gemar, “The participants were sitting at home with balloon kits ready. The instructors were poised with technology, interpreters and assistants at the ready. Backstage was buzzing with anticipation and on screen myself and Genesio in Italy stood next to Maria and Piero in Miami. We simply couldn’t wait to get started.”

Perhaps one of the more eagerly awaited sessions was Tampilipe’s. Already well known in the balloon industry, the opening ceremony was used to welcome Tampilipe to the Gemar family. He is joining us as the newest Gemar Ambassador, and over the three days he took his place among so many talented professionals.

Gloria continues : “It is impossible to convey the astounding things we learned in 27 different sessions. We saw distortion, fantasy flowers, G-links, foil, lights and paint. We gasped at safari scenes, marvelled at space adventures and enjoyed epic cake and ice cream. One thing was clear, the instructors agreed that if you can dream something you can make it with balloons – and it’s always best to dream big!”

Albert Einstein said that “creativity is contagious – pass it on.” Gemar is confident it achieved that, with Gloria thanking the “amazing team of skilled and dedicated individuals working non-stop behind the scenes as well as on camera. Whether translating classes, dealing with tech issues or packing balloons, every single person played their part in making the impossible, possible.”

Indeed, one of the company’s fans commented : “Whoever missed it, well I’m sorry because it’s an amazing event.”