GemarDay Miami Convention

April 15th & 16th 2019

Miami Convention heats up this year

We have the pleasure of travelling the world to deliver GemarDay’s, we’ve experienced snow, torrential rain and wind storms but as we prepared to wow the people of Miami, we had to make sure we packed our shorts, this year convention was about to heat up in Miami !

On the 15th April, 5 of our Ambassadors & 3 of our Masters arrived for the 2 day event. The warm weather outside was nothing in comparison to the warmth of the welcome we received.

The big meeting

Shortly after Claudio and Vincenzo had finished sparkling like stars at GemarDay LA, they jumped on a plane to meet fellow Master Roberta, and the Ambassadors YulysLuzOmarIrina & Irina to prepare for the Miami event.

Organized by our partners at Funny Balloons, this Miami event was shaping up to be a showstopper even before the doors opened.

It didn’t all just fall together on the 15th though, this dedicated team of balloon professionals had invested hours of their time in preparation to ensure that everyone who attended had access to new, innovative and creative balloon art ideas that they would be able to practically learn and put into practice straight away.

Why people love GemarDays & Gemar® Conventions

Here at Gemar® we are genuinely in love with what we do. We truly believe in the potential of balloons to lift the moment and we know they can be so much more than decoration. While in Miami, we were able to demonstrate this passion face-to-face and see the physical and emotional impact learning these skills can have.

Being creative is an incredible boost for wellbeing and it showed on the day as the energy and excitement was so high.

It was clear that all those who attended had a great time but GemarDays & Gemar® Conventions are more than just a nice couple of days out, the real hands on learning makes it a practical training day that can have a direct impact on business revenue by helping those who attend to make their business stand out and rise above their competitors.

We loved the two day Miami event and are already feeling the cold back home. Don’t worry though, we have our shorts packed for our next Miami adventure. Thank you to our partners at Funny Balloons and every single balloon artist who joined us (if they weren’t artists before, they certainly are now)!


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