GemarDay Sofia

November 9th 2018

The Biggest GemarDay Ever

Sofia is a city that loves the theatre, it is then no surprise that we are always so welcomed there. GemarDays are full of fun, laughter and learning but they are also a spectacle, each one unique and grand in its own way. The Bulgarian’s have a strong history of performance art and show-business is big in the town, we really fit right in!

A GemarDay like no other

When we arrived in Bulgaria’s capital city we were excited. This was the 7 GemarDay in this beautiful place and we always have a blast here, but we were not quite prepared for it to be quite as big as it turned out!

This fantastic event transpired to be our most popular, packed out GemarDay to date, with over 100 participants joining us to lift the moment. Every year the event gets bigger, as those who attend leave on a high and tell their friends and colleagues; it has been growing for years but we will always remember November 2018 for being absolutely epic.

To have such an enormous attendance this year was incredible. It was the perfect mix of familiar friendly faces who had returned to learn more and the expectant newbies who arrive a little nervous and unsure how the day will unfold. It is always a pleasure to watch these individuals relax, step into their creativity and fly high with the rest of us.

Making an impact

The atmosphere was electric and at one point we are sure that people must be able to hear our shenanigans in the Ivan Vazov National Theatre! Our ambassadors work so hard to make show-stopping events every time. They tirelessly create new innovative designs and balloon art specifically for each GemarDay, ensuring that no event is the same. They do this for both their own creative drive and so that every participant knows they are part of something completely unique and special.

GemarDay Sophia was definitely special and we would like to thank our partners Ukrasi and every single participant who helped us to lift the moment, there are a lot of you so we won’t name you individually but you know who you are. Thank you!