GemarDay Sofia – 10 years anniversary

Celebrating ten years of inspiration and learning in Sofia

The 11th of November 2021 was a very special date for us. We had the absolute pleasure of taking part in our first face-to-face GemarDay since the pandemic hit, and we simply can’t describe how wonderful it was to see everyone again! Not only that, this year marked the 10th annual GemarDay in Sofia, so there was a lot to celebrate!

We have always had an amazing time whenever we visit Sofia, from our very first GemarDay in 2011. There are some familiar faces that we love to see each time, businesses that we have watched as they grow and flourish. Of course, there are always new faces too, nothing ever stays static and the fresh mix each year gives things a new energy that keeps us all on our toes.

This year Roberta, Claudio and Vincenzo had a blast sharing their passion for balloon art with an eager audience. Unfortunately, due to a positive covid test at the last minute, several people had to pull out so we were a reduced number, but the 70 people who did attend made the most of it. Together we explored foam board, created a stunning balloon wall with a rainbow of Shiny colours, experimented with adding paint and confetti to balloons and discovered the newest Gemar colours – Olive Green and Misty Rose.

Although we were there to learn, this was also a party and a celebration. Genesio was among the crowd as well, and made the most of the opportunity to talk to everyone and enjoy the atmosphere. As always, we heard a lot of laughter and saw friendships being strengthened and new connections made.

Judging by the comments we heard on the way out, everyone left at the end of the day feeling inspired, with new techniques to try, new ideas and new connections. We hadn’t just made business contacts, we had made friends.

A huge thank you and congratulations to Ukrasi and the whole team for putting together such a wonderful day. A lot of work goes into the planning and preparation of an event like this, not to mention all of the practical arrangements and clearing up on the day. It’s an enormous undertaking, and one that you have pulled off in spectacular style, as always!


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