Gemar Day Sofia 2024

Celebrate Ukrasi's 20th Anniversary!

On March 21st, 2024, the Bulgaria Gemar Day took place in Sofia. It was a professional course in balloon decoration, held in collaboration with the Gemar Partner Ukrasi. The event was a big success, with 120 participants attending the workshops and learning new balloon decoration techniques.

The event featured four classes, led by a team of Gemar experts. The instructors included Gemar Masters Claudio Casagrande, Vincenzo Musto, and Roberta Pinto, along with Gemar Ambassador Irina Gvozdenko.

The first class, “Gemar Creator vs Reality,” showcased the software’s ability to create realistic balloon designs. This can be helpful for planning and visualizing balloon installations before they are created. Gemar Masters Claudio Casagrande and Vincenzo Musto led a workshop on how to use the Gemar Creator to create a digital rendering of a balloon decoration: a sophisticated and elegant balloon wall using Marble balloons. Attendees then learned how to create balloon “neon leaves” by using twisting techniques under the guidance of Vincenzo and Roberta.

The second class, led by Gemar Ambassador Irina, focused on building a Neon Organic balloon arch. After creating the balloon arches, participants arranged them in a row to create a colorful tunnel resembling a giant electric rainbow. Here, people danced together, creating a beautiful and festive atmosphere.

The third class was “Hippity Hoppity Easter Bunny,” also led by Irina. In this class, participants learned various techniques to create a balloon basket complete with a cute bunny and green leaves. Everyone was excited to bring their creations to life and take photos with their adorable bunny baskets.

To commemorate Ukrasi’s 20th anniversary, the fourth class featured a celebratory decoration workshop led by Roberta Pinto. Participants broadened their balloon artistry by learning column decoration techniques and how to incorporate beautiful pearls and flowers into their creations. This valuable session allowed them to develop their skills in crafting more intricate and sophisticated balloon installations.

Thanks to Ukrasi for making this event a success! The Gemar family is growing, and we’re delighted to keep supporting the Bulgarian Balloon Society! We look forward to hosting many more successful Gemar Day events together. See you all again soon!