GemarDay Yekaterinburg

September 24th 2018

The second GemarDay of September is done and dusted but we won’t be forgetting our time in Yekaterinburg anytime soon! We made very good friends during our time in this beautiful unique Russian city which was greatly supported by our lovely partners and hosts; Simaland and Europa Uno Trade, who made us feel so welcome.

Yekaterinburg is worth a visit

Yekaterinburg itself is a city of culture with theatres, libraries and museums to explore as well as rather unusual monuments such as a giant keyboard made of stone for visitors to jump on and a young Michael Jackson. Despite the many wonders that Yekaterinburg has on offer, we were there for a reason and it’s difficult to pull our dedicated Gemar® team away from their life’s work.

So we carried on doing what we do best; creating an incredible celebration of balloon art in its highest form! Luckily most of those who came had already played on the giant keyboard and were as enthusiastic as we were to get the balloon party started and it definitely went with a bang!

Pushing creative boundaries with joy

Our experts had been working hard since our last GemarDay just a couple of weeks ago in Warsaw, we like to show up in each new city and be able to demonstrate new innovative ideas, trends and displays. We take such joy in pushing creative boundaries and exploring the seemingly impossible.

One thing that particularly stood out at Yekaterinburg was the laughter. Every attendee had the opportunity to learn complicated balloon art displays with guided step-by-step support from global experts, now as serious as this sounds they did so with HUGE smiles on their faces. They were not only enjoying the learning process, but they also enjoyed the shared experience of being in such a motivational and inspirational atmosphere. We would love to take credit for this but we can’t. It’s the people who come to GemarDay events that make it worthwhile. We simply strive to ignite a pure childhood love of balloons; the rest simply flows.

We genuinely had so much fun sharing our limitless imagination with those who were brave enough to come and explore theirs. The community of Yekaterinburg accepted this challenge enthusiastically and together we Lifted The Moment.