GemarDay Zagreb

July 3rd 2019

Last week our Gemar® team went to the beautiful city of Zagreb in Croatia to lift the moment. It was a day filled with learning and laughter as everyone worked together to create the extraordinary.

Gemar Masters 

Claudio and Cristian headed up the team of experts to show the enthusiastic and creative people of Zagreb how to make an impact with balloon art.

These masters have decades of experience between them, not just in the art of balloon structures, but in teaching others, making the impossible and seemingly complicated seem easy and accessible to the masses.

It is very important to our masters that the participants enjoy the day and everything they do is injected with high energy and fun. The simple and beautiful joy of balloons is central to the event.

2019 collection

GemarDay Zagreb was the perfect opportunity to showcase our 2019 Gemar® collection and give participants the opportunity to get their hands on the new designs they might not have seen close up before.


Panda is the new black – our masters built an entire panda wall to showcase the 2019 Panda collection, alongside many panda inspired structures, wowing the audience and creating an incredible bamboo fueled buzz.

Time to shine – we love spreading a dose of shimmer and sparkle wherever we go and the new Shiny range does exactly that! The people of Zagreb were excited to see how this range of colours illuminates balloon art.

Intergalactic heading to the stars is one sure fire way to lift the moment. Our Intergalactic collection is exciting and very popular with our younger fans. To help this collection take off, our masters built a rocket ship which was so good everyone who attended wanted to jump on board.

Oh Baby there is no greater occasion than welcoming new life. Our Oh Baby collection is fun and tasteful. At Zagreb, we were able to show our girl, boy and gender neutral designs, demonstrating that there is something for everyone with Gemar®.


We would like to thank our partners Balon Centar without whom this event would not have been possible – the organization was excellent. We also would like to thank everyone who came to this extraordinary day in Croatia and took the opportunity to be hands on. We hope the learning for our guests reflected the amount of fun we had.